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4 Best Ever Horror Movies of All Time

Are you a horror fan? You may have missed some of the best horror movies. They tend to be less mainstream and filmed independently, allowing them to be more cutting-edge and scary. Rather than relying on jump scares, they focus on the mentality of the people being chased. Here’s a look at the four best ever horror movies of all time.

Stephen King’s IT

Based on the book of the same name, IT is all about Pennywise the clown. Considered a figment of the imagination, Pennywise goes around killing a group of children. The original movie wasn’t actually a big blockbuster, but a miniseries for the TV! However, it has been remained and will be released later in 2017. Pennywise appears as a clown, but is actually a shapeshifter and able to turn itself into everyone’s worst fears.

The Babadook

Initially relatively unsuccessful, The Babadook grew in reputation because of its growth in Canada and the United States. This psychological thriller and is more of a supernatural horror than real-life. When young Samuel Vanek starts seeing an imaginary creature, his mother learns of the Babadook. The mysterious creature grows stronger, until it threatens the life of the people in the house.


One of the most popular and oldest movies on the list, this horror is a work of art. Directed by Alfred Hitchcock, the movie tells the story of Norman Bates, who owns Bates Motel. However, things aren’t quite as the seem in the house behind the motel, where Norman lives with this mother. It is considered the earliest movie in the slasher horror genre and spurred the creations of The Nightmare on Elm Street and Halloween, among others.

The Cabin in the Woods

When The Cabin in the Woods was first released, many people expected a typical horror movie involving a bunch of teenagers out in the middle of nowhere. It just so happened in include Thor actor Chris Hemsworth, helping to draw in attention from young, female fans. What the fans actually got was something unique and mind-blowing. The supernatural elements were used in a way that very few movies in the horror genre accomplish. The ending is definitely not typical for horror movies.

Do you agree with this list? Which are your best short horror films or favorite blockbuster hit?

Author Bio – This guest post was written by Arthur Cooper, a film critic. He enjoys watching movies of all genres with his friends and family and has a full list of favourites, including her best short horror film.