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Ellusionist Factory Sealed – Top Ten Good reasons to Perform This inside your Magic Show

Are you currently a magician? Would you focus on street magic? Allow me to share my top reasons why you need to add Ellusionist Factory Sealed> for your performing repertoire.

If you’re not acquainted with Ellusionist Factory Sealed, this is actually the fundamental description from the effect below:

The magician requires a factory sealed bottle water, pulls the label off, after which gradually, visually presses the gold coin in to the unopened, full bottle water. There’s no cover whatsoever. No water leaks in the bottle. No jerky movements from the gold coin for the bottle or even the bottle for the gold coin.

Now listed here are the very best ten explanations why Ellusionist Factory Sealed is a status-maker for you personally:

Use a lent gold coin.

The bottle could be obtained from a vending machine.

You are able to perform Ellusionist Factory Sealed at the front of the spectator’s eyes.

You are able to perform this encircled from your audience.

The spectator can easily see completely obvious with the bottle.

The bottle’s label can be taken off.

The spectators really begin to see the transmission occur. Yes, the slower the miracle is conducted, the greater.

The spectators holds the bottle because the transmission occurs. Yes, this results in a truly astonishing experience for the audience.

No gimmicks are essential.

Everything could be immediately examined following the trick.

So there you have it- the very best ten reasons. If you’re performing street magic, you have to use effects that appear to be totally natural to ordinary people. Furthermore easy and natural than placing a gold coin via a plastic bottle water? That’s the key reason why Ellusionist Factory Sealed is really effective… since it does not seem like a magic trick that you simply got from the magic shop.

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