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SOC Awards and Camera Sliders

Beyond the Academy Awards and Golden Globes, there are awards for achievements in film that the layperson doesn’t always hear about. However, that doesn’t make them any less prestigious. Within the world of cinematography, camera operators, and camera equipment, there exists the SOC Awards.

The Society of Camera Operators gives out a handful of awards each years that cross over several different boundaries. In 2017, one of its lifetime achievement awards was presented to the creator of the Silent Cat camera slider, as this piece of equipment has been monumental when it comes to filmmaking in recent years. This type of quiet camera slider has been allowing cinematographers and camera operators to detail each scene to perfection, creating beautiful moments in film.

Other awards presented by the SOC are given to the camera operators themselves. From awards such as Lifetime Achievement Awards for camera operators in film and video, Camera Operator of the Year awards are also presented, within their respective niches, such as film, video, and television. As film extends beyond camera operation, awards are also presented for still photography and mobile camera achievements.

One thing that award winners carry in common is their use of professional equipment. One of the reasons the silent camera slider is winning an award is because of its usefulness. If you’re just starting out and hope to make a name for yourself in the film industry someday, having the right equipment is paramount. It’s good to keep in mind that, if you’re unable to afford purchasing equipment outright, camera slider rental is also available, until you’ve successfully branded your name.