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Superheroes are Changing Online Marketing

Managing a business is sometimes a very difficult undertaking. You have to keep your revenues as high as possible and your expenses as low as possible. Keeping your revenues high involves selling as many goods or services as possible. You can do this by advertising to potential clients and customers in a variety of different ways. Some of these ways are more effective than others, though. In the past, most business owners advertised through television and radio. Then, Internet advertising became the most popular way to market products or services. All of these methods have limited effectiveness in the 21st century. Many people avoid ads on television by “DVRing” their television programmes. They avoid Internet ads with dedicated ad-blocking programs. Advertising on social media is a great way to reach customers, but you have to keep your expenses low. That can sometimes be difficult in a new media world that has been changed by superheroes, of all things.


The Superhero Effect

As movies have grown bigger and as CGI has become more technologically advanced, viewers have begun to expect more from even non-professional, low-budget videos. When they see movies that feature massive monsters, machines, and superhumans that look “as real as real life,” they begin to normalise the idea that videos should always be wildly engaging. There are still those you can reach who will listen to a detailed analysis of some subject, but the common person will want to be engaged with their video quite quickly. Otherwise, their short attention spans will flip to something else. Furthermore, that level of engagement can be difficult to achieve because many social media sites actually limit the audio within a video.

Limited Audio

So, when you’re scrolling through your social media timeline, you might scroll past a video that begins to play automatically. However, most social media sites try to be non-obtrusive, so the audio does not begin to play. That means you cannot catch your customer’s attention with audio. You have to capture observers with stunning visuals. An Australian video production company that prides itself on creativity can help you do just that.


Creativity is something that is often lacking in many different advertising ventures. There are advertising companies and marketers who will bill themselves as experts, but if they are not creative, their ads will not work. You can conduct all the SEO and branding you want, but if your videos are uninspired, no one will want to watch your ads. That’s the “superhero effect.” The visuals need to be stunning, the video needs to tell a story, and it needs to be exciting from the moment it begins playing. There are so many different ads in the modern marketplace that people have become numb to advertising. They see it and just simply keep scrolling. If you want to engage your potential clients and customers, you need to make something that doesn’t feel like an advertisement. It needs to feel like a movie. The story your advertisement tells can be simple, but it needs a level of creativity that makes it engaging.

If you are looking to branch out and expand your advertising campaign, you should look into video companies that pride themselves on creativity. Creativity can make your marketing strategy become heroic.