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Would You Like a Stress Free Start to the New School Year This Time Around?

It can seem like the impossible task which, each year, you dutifully take on! That’s right; It’s back to school time!

While this is usually a period full of stress and multiple trips to the mall and numerous other stores to pick up the items you forgot or replace the items which were incorrect, there is another path you can take which can see your children get back to school with all of the items they need, and zero stress.

It Starts With a List

There is no way that you can know what your student is going to need for each lesson ahead. So, sit down with them and ask them to imagine their day-to-day classroom activities.

Add all of these items to a list and do the same for each child in your home.

Once you have all of your lists, collate them into one master list. As you are combing all of the lists, look for similar items which you can combine together. For example, your children don’t really need different colored notebooks, so you can combine all of their notebooks into one item to take advantage of bulk discounts.

Where to Shop

The local stationery store isn’t going to cut it for much more than a good deal on a large supply of notebooks or pens and markers. If it’s time for a new laptop or a backpack, it’s time to look online at stores like the Groupon Coupons page for Personalized Mall to get the best deals on all of the items on your list.

For all of the items which you can’t buy online, look through local newspapers and even that ever-piling mound of catalogs which you have been ignoring, as these are likely to be filled with various back-to-school specials.

Get Your Children Involved

There will be a time when your children will need to undertake this activity themselves and without your help, and now is the perfect time to teach them. During each step, explain to them what you are doing, why, and how you plan to get the most out of your budget. If your children are old enough, give them a copy of your master list of items and see what total price they can return with.

You might be surprised at them finding a deal which you missed, saving you even more money! Additionally, it also acts as some good math practice to get their brains active and working against before the new school year starts.

Three tips are all it takes to get your children back to school more smoothly and without the unnecessary stress which often comes with this time of year. So keep this list handy and enjoy thinking about all of the time you will have once your children are back at school.